Trump-Kim Summit Aftermath

Trump-Kim Summit Aftermath


By Ang Eng Tat


Russia, China and South Korea wants to build railway that connects to each other through North Korea. (1) (2)

Once Kim Jong Un start his denuclearisation and Donald Trump lift the economic sanction, every businessmen in the world will start the investments in North Korea.

Start with telecommunication, then railroad and infrastructures. Also, their mining industry is huge enough for long term investments. Rare earth elements is also one of the huge prospect for North Korea economic development. Not to forget their oil resource. The North Korea Resources Institute in Seoul estimated in 2013 that the country’s mineral reserves could be worth $6 trillion. Together with everything, more than enough to transform that country into an industry giant and a huge boost to Asian economy. (3)

Believe it or not, if Kim Jong Un is willing to take the risk, he could make North Korea become one of the best country in the world.

While we are still playing with which number is the exact national debt and when to charge Najib in court, North Korea became world’s attraction.

Don’t forget about Singapore too. They spent million to this summit so that they can advertise to the world. Advertise themselves to the world that they can provide the best security and entertainment for you. Whether you want to visit an Expo or attend an international meeting, you are welcome there. Also Singapore is now available for you to keep your gold or anything there and it is protected by law. Another word as Swiss Bank in Asia. (4)





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