Press Statement by Najib Razak



Seizures by the police from the Najib Razak Family.

1. The Najib Razak family maintains the seizures by the police are mostly gifts from friends, foreign dignitaries including royalty for various occasions including official visits and family events such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and engagements.

2. Some of the items seized belong to relatives and various 3rd parties. They have now started the legal process to claim their items from the police.

3. We dispute the quantity and the valuation given in the press conference by the police since such valuation is subjective and is subject to when the gifts were given. As most of the items were gifts accumulated over decades, the family is not aware of how much was paid by those who had gifted these items.

4. Any valuation based on retail price and at current prices would be unrealistic, likely to be grossly inflated and will give a very distorted picture as these items were received as gifts over a period that spans decades.

5. For example, the police had stated in their press conference that the most expensive watch was a Rolex Daytona which they say is valued at RM3.4 million. This item referred by the police appears to be a recent gift along with several other valuables given by the interior minister, who is also a prince of a middle eastern country who visited Malaysia in March this year. The police should also have stated that this item along with several others were contained in a box with the royal crest of a foreign country.

This fact should not have been omitted.

6. We also point out that many of the items seized were contained in boxes properly labeled by staff members with the item description, photographs, date of gift and the identity of the persons who gave the gift.

7. Should the police call our family for questioning over this matter, we will provide our full cooperation. To the best of our ability, we shall help the police identify those who have given the gifts over the decades.

8. Similar to the over-inflating of the national debt, the over-inflating of the quantity and value of the items seized as well as the press conference appears to be done with a view for political vengeance and political attack on my family.

Source from Najib Razak FB

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