We are Malaysians first? Yeah, tell that to the PPBM chairman!

Siti Kasim wrote a long article published in The Star titled “We are Malaysians first – own it!”
Screenshot of Siti’s FB

Congratulations for having your first article published in The Star!

Perhaps she could go tell that straight to her idol, Tun Dr Mahathir.

His party, Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) membership separates Malaysian as pribumi and non-pribumi. To put into perspective, it is either you are malay or non-malay.
In PPBM, normal members are only allowed to the Malays.
Non-Malays can only become associate member and they are not allowed to contest in the party’s election. They can only be appointed to the position in the party! What democracy is this?
So, what Malaysian first is she talking about while her idolized prime minister is leading a race based political party?
Results from the recent GE14 are actually polarized. Despite the euphoria that the so called “progressive Malay liberals” celebrated with much jumping and joy, they should consider the scenario of the upcoming general election (GE 15), which may see different results. 
In GE 14 PH only won 48% popular votes, while the remaining 52% is divided between PAS and UMNO. This is where the Malay votes are.
What will happen if PAS and UMNO join hands in GE15? Are you expecting the same results as in GE14?  Impossible? Well, last time we also never expected that PKR and DAP will kiss Tun Mahathir’s hand!  -TTKM-

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