PTPTN : “We are in the midst of research” – Yb Teo Nie Ching (张念群)

By :  Teo Nie Ching (张念群)

Some clarifications. Gist of my answer in Parliament this morning was: –

1. Freedom of movement is a fundamental right, and that’s why we removed the names of PTPTN borrowers from Immigration blacklist.

2. If we compare to people with loans with private sectors, defaulters can only be blacklisted after they are declared as bankrupt, not when they have any default in payment, or when they are inconsistent in payments.

3. We should not blacklist the PTPTN defaulters simply because they are not making payments consistently. Even if we are government, we need to follow the procedure.
Cannot blacklist people sesuka hati.

4. It is jumping the gun to say MOE now plans to bankrupt the defaulters then blacklist them. I have mentioned several times during the reply, we are in the midst of research, final report will only be ready in August. 


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