Transkrip penuh kenyataan Daniel Twining, Presiden IRI berhubung bantuan kpd pembangkang Malaysia sejak 15 tahun dulu.

Berikut merupakan transkrip yang disedikan oleh Buletin TTKM dari petikan video ucapan Daniel Twining berhubung bantuan kepada pembangkang Malaysia sejak 15 tahun dulu sehingga berjaya menubuhkan kerajaan baru pada PRU 14 lepas.  Video ada di sini :

“I would like to it, just a case study for one minute on the China corruption link and the role f our work more broadly in that.

Malaysia, for 61 years, one party govern this country since it became independent in 1957. The constructed, a totally gerrymandered, corrupt political system, in which the ruling party accrued every advantage and double down on holding the tools of power, fusion of state and kind of leading economic sectors etc.

So IRI, we had worked in Malaysia with opposition political party since 2002 and guess who’s funding we did it with? The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and guess who wouldn’t fund democratic political party work in Malaysia?

The USAID for international Development and the State Department because they said “You know I think the reflection was gosh! This is kind of a one-party system. This is not a bad. This is a bad use of our funds and to Malaysia’s kind of a valuable military partner so for 15 years working working with NED resources we worked to strengthen Malaysian opposition parties and guess what happen two months ago after 61 years they won! Not thanks to us, thanks to them, the good guys.

There was such a reaction to the excesses of corruption and cronyism and nepotism if we had nothing to do with us but it was the excesses of the one-party state the kind of logical culmination of the abuses of power in this quite rich Southeast Asian and so, I visited and I was sitting there with many of the leaders the new leaders of this government.

Many of whom were just our partners we had been working with for 15 years and one of the most senior of them who’s now one of the people running the government said to me:

” Gosh! IRI! You never gave up on us even when we were ready to give up on ourselves right ?”.

We’re sitting in Prime Minister’s Office. Here we are.

That’s a tribute to them, not a tribute to us. If it’s an example of playing the long game and the reason i wanted to bring this up is the link because guess what? The first step really one of the first step the new government took it froze Chinese infrastructure investments because it had opened the books and discovered that there was a lot of funny money. Swishing around what had been this very corrupt closed unaccountable system. Right?

And so there is a big corruption cleanup and there’s a big kind of a deep dive on foreign influence in this country. This is not a hugely pro-american country. It’s probably never going to be an actual US ally but this is going to redound to our benefit right? And that’s an example of the long game.

Thank you.”

-Daniel Twining, IRI President.


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