Letter to Anwar Ibrahim

By : David Wu

Dear Anwar,

When you scream Reformasi yet make a mockery of it with self indulgent exceptions, therein lies the problem. At least in spirit.

When your party currently bickers over who really loves you? Therein lies the problem.

When you address yourself as Anwar rather than ‘me’ or ‘I’ in your speeches and interviews, therein lies the problem. You see yourself as a brand.

When you do not acknowledge that democracy isn’t just about the process but spirit also, therein lies the problem.

When your wife, whom we all know has been your de facto seat warmer, does not make way for you when the time has come, therein lies the problem.

When a man who was legitimately elected is sacrificed to serve your purpose, seemingly with scant regard for his self respect and good esteem, therein lies the problem. We get that it’s all about you but, really?

Lastly and most strikingly, when your actions raise more questions than answers, therein lies the problem again.

In short, and as many would have suspected, it is and has always been about you. You couldn’t hide it even if you tried.

Which is a pity because more and more Malaysians are beginning to see through you and your fake reform agenda which you gladly milked out of sympathy for the black eye.

It’s time for things to be about Malaysians first, not you nor your inner circle which at this point in time leave no doubt as to its unabashed hunger and lust for power so openly. Shamelessly too, just to add. Malaysians have been gagging for a leader whom we can respect and endear ourselves to, not one clouded with doubt and suspicion and that’s where you come in. Surely we have earned it, in part (ironically) through your Reformasi rally calls which you so wantonly betray now. It’s tiresome.

You Sir, are tiresome.

Therefore excuse me if I go have a barf the next time you and your ilk scream “Demi Rakyat”.

Good luck with PD because it wasn’t that long ago when someone else too thought he was really popular. -TTKM-


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