MRT2 Termination : Letter to Lim Guan Eng

I WAS NOT a BN supporter in the last election…

A lot will disagree with this, but what’s good in a country that makes its people suffer… What’s good in a government, which makes the people jobless, paying up the nation’s debt, and continue to put up with the inconvenient public transport…

I commend the current government for their seemingly okay anti-corruption measures, but the previous government was probably smarter in being able to not make the people pay for the nation’s debt, they some how had ways to get foreign investment, donations and whatever you call it… Whereas this current government only knows how to take from its people…

Before you argue saying that our nation is in deep shit, did you ever feel we were, or were you tricked into believing you were? Did we ever have to be asked to pay up for any debts up until now?

Let me ask you this, if you have a mortgage, and you’re asked to pay up your debts instantly, and there is no guarantee that it will be cleared before your lifetime and you’ll have to stop enjoying life, not even being to go for a holiday, what is then the purpose of your life?

Know this, #LimGuanEng, the people whom you are going to make jobless today, a lot and probably most of them voted for this government too. From the past 6 months’ observation, I know that the current government have almost zero business accument. Cancel, postpone, cancel, postpone, cancel… With all due respect, look for different angles and solutions, please. -TTKM-


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