“I just learned the benefits of palm oil since becoming a minister” – Teresa Kok

Seri Pentas, March 25: Minister of Primary Industries, Teresa Kok revealed that she did not know  about the benefits of palm oil, and only learned about it since becoming a minister.

“After I became the minister of primary industry, I just learned about the benefits of our palm oil and I also learned to fight back the europe’s anti-palm oil campaign. When I heard many briefings at the starting of my post, I asked myself: why I do not know all this story? ” Teresa Kok.

She said this in program “Soal Rakyat” that was broadcast on TV3 television station where she also took the opportunity to promote her palm oil campaign, #SayangiSawitKu organized by his ministry.

In addition, Teresa Kok also admitted that she did not know that palm oil was best suited for frying due to the oil can withstand high temperatures because no one told her.

“I do not know that palm oil is so good, especially if we want to fry, fry chicken, fry anything, have to use palm oil because it can withstand high temperature, so no one told me that.” – Teresa Kok .

She also revealed that she had previously used olive oil to fry a fish.

“I think it’s funny too, I used olive oil to fry a fish, and olive oil can not be used for fry, can only eat raw, look at it, that’s my knowledge.” – Teresa Kok.

Prior to this, Major Industry Minister Teresa Kok said the extension of oil palm plantations in Malaysia should be halted, and suggested  alternative cultivation such as bamboo that has high demand especially in Japan.

“Now is a good time for us to stop the expansion of oil palm cultivation. Look at other crop. For example, like, you know, in Pahang. Some ha, bamboo. Bamboo grows very beautiful, many bamboo trees. Bamboo can be converted into various err. errrr … product arrr! and errr .. there is err …. Japanese people are a great market for bamboo products “- Teresa Kok –


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