“We welcome FDI, but not one like Lynas” – Fuziah Salleh

By : Fuziah Salleh

The issue with Lynas that usually get missed by many people is the waste management issue especially regarding the management of the radioactive waste.

Lynas is very good with their messaging strategy that it is easy to fall for their low level radiation narrative. Lynas has always being silent on the long life.. very2 long life. 14 billion years half life of thorium in their radioactive waste. Unfortunately many people in the government fell and was convinced by their narrative too.?

What most people misses is the point that low level long life radiation has long term effect on people’s health as well as can pollute the environment when the radionuclides migrate into the ecosystem.

This is Especially so when the radioactive waste is stored on site in the plant and in the open space.
On peat land where underground water is just 1 metre beneath the surface

Once you are deceived by Lynas’s narrative then you will wonder what the fuss is all about
It’s just low level radiation… that is what Lynas wants people to believe.
This is where most people find it difficult to comprehend and think that we are politicising the issue

Now currently only after 5 years of operations and dumping of the radioactive waste onsite as well as the scheduled waste amounting to a total of 1.5 mill metric tonnes, sadly the ground water beneath Lynas is already contaminated with heavy metal. This will hv effect on the kampong folks living around Gebeng whom some are still dependent on tube wells for daily water use. It will also pollute the waterways around Gebeng.

Yes we welcome FDIs but not one like Lynas.

We welcome FDIs to the point that i am assisting them to resolve the water shortage issue that industries are facing right now.

However industries that pollute and thinks they are above the law is not welcomed in Kuantan. And Pahang for that matter.

Fuziah Salleh
MP for Kuantan
Chairman for PH Pahang
31st March 2019

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