(TONTON) Video rasmi perkahwinan diraja diterbitkan syarikat event Rusia.

Laman sesawang premia yang berpengkalan di Rusia menerbitkan video apa yang dikatakan WEDDING OF THE KING OF MALAYSIA TUANKU MUHAMMAD V FARIS PETER AND MISS MOSCOW OKSANA VOEVODINA” yang dimuat naik untuk dicalonkan dalam anugerah industri event di sana dalam kategori ” “WEDDING OF THE YEAR” 2018.

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Video berdurasi 2 minit 34 saat itu yang dihasilkan oleh WEDDING AGENCY “SVADBERRY” menunjukkan pelbagai acara gilang gemilang sempena perkahwinan tersebut yang diadakan di Moscow.

Berikut merupakan penerangan acara tersebut seperti yang dipaparkan di laman web itu:

For the first time in Russian wedding history, the wedding of a representative of the highest echelon of a foreign government was held in Russia.

The wedding celebration was organized in the Barvikha Concert Hall in less than two months.

The difficulty at the initial stage of the organization was in a difficult communication – the young were abroad.

Runs of staged performances with the newlyweds, in which dancers, acrobats and newlyweds took part – “The Appearance of the Young”, “Throwing the Bridal Bouquet”, “Rolling Out the Cake”, took place on the wedding night.

The groom is a big fan of Russian pop music; Irina Dubtsova, Polina Gagarina and Timati performed at the wedding.

The hosts of the wedding celebration were Alexander Belov and the head of the agency SvadBerry, hosted by Anna Gorodzhaya.

The installation of truss structures, sound, light and LED equipment began 4 days before the celebration.

A small number of guests (for the Barvikha CG) allowed, in addition to the main stage, to use the podium from stage to presidium of the young with a central round podium. Many staged performances were performed using these catwalks, including the first dance of the young.

Wedding cake drove up to the young on an automatic podium.

A large number of special effects were used on the staged performances, as well as on the performances of the artists – “heavy” smoke, blowing confetti, cryos.


Setakat ini,  tiada kenyataan rasmi berhubung perkahwinan Sultan Muhammad V dikeluarkan oleh mana-mana pihak istana. Pada awal tahun, baginda melepaskan takhta sebagai Yang Dipertuan Agong dan tempatnya kini digantikan oleh Sultan Pahang.

Tonton video:


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