Tan Sri LKY apologize for changing the white stripe of Jalur Gemilang to black stripe.

By : Tan Sri LKY

Immediately when the flag became controversial, I had ask my team to revert the colour of our Jalur Gemilang back to its original state.

It’s sad to see that instead of my article the flag color became a controversy. To me the meaning of our national flag is

The Star & Moon represents Islam,
Yellow represents the Royal,
Blue represents Peace, United & Harmony,
Red represents Bravery and
White represents Suci & Bersih.

The white colour of Suci & Bersih means it is reminding us to live a clean life far from corruption and live with moral. This is my feeling about how our beloved country should be but l made a mistake to ask the artist to express my feelings by changing the colour of the flag although graphic and not a physical flag. My sincerest apologies and l hope the young generation do not make a mistake like me from the old generation, I had return the graphic flag to it’s original state and make sure to never change again. I advice the future generations based on my experience, never change the colour of graphic or physical flag.

Thank you all for coming into my Facebook and reading my article with an open mind. l respect your views and will continue to self search and self reflect myself.


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