“Dr Zakir Naik used and manipulate Islam, created havoc in India and Malaysia” – P.Ramasamy

By : P. Ramasamy.

Hope Naik is around when the case comes up!

I will face the fugitive and preacher Zakir Naik in the court.

He has apologised for his misdeeds, but it is a bit too late.

I will never apologise to him because in so far as Naik is concerned the word apology is not in my vocabulary.

He is the last person in the world who would be asking others to apologise for the havoc he has created in India and Malaysia.

Meanwhile all most all the states in the country have banned the entry of Naik.

It took a while for the government to know the true colours of Naik.

He basically used and manipulated Islam to sow disharmony and discord in the country between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Even the racists elements in the country have never questioned the loyalty of Chinese and Indians who have been here for generations.

It took one nasty comment from Naik not only to raise the question-about the loyalty of Hindus but to ask Chinese to leave the country.

No government worthy of its name would allow a foreign fugitive to take the welcome for granted.

Naik is major liability in the country; we have enough problems and the last thing we need is someone like Naik to further destabilise our social and ethnic relations.

Either deport him or ask him to leave for India or any other country willing to grant him asylum.

Meanwhile I have appointed a prominent lawyer in Penang, Dato Murali Navaratnam to represent me in the case brought by Naik.

My only hope is that Naik is around in the country when the matter comes up in the court.

P.Ramasamy is Deputy Chief Minister II of Penang State, Malaysia. This statement is his personal view and does not necessarily represent the view of Buletin TTKM

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