AATC’s Student Arrests – Let’s put some matters in perspective.

Allied Aeronautics Training Centre(AATC) Student Arrests – Let’s put some matters in perspective:

by : Arul

1. Today (yesterday) 7 students from AATC and PSM activist Sharan Raj were arrested by the police under Section 186- Obstruction.

Definitely we would argue that it is freedom of Assemble and Freedom of Expression under Article 10 of the Constitution and the police should be more tactful as it seems that they were acting for the interest of the College.

2. The Students said they went to the Police station to lodge a report before seeking justice from their management but was turned away by the police because their system was down. Therefore the Police should have taken responsibility and handled the matter better.

3. The core issue is the AATC College initially promised all their students PTPK loans to settle the education loan, however later they tried to coerce the students to take up personal loans from Affin Bank to pay the dues instead.

This would mean taking up loans with 8% p.a. interest.

This is the problem with Private Colleges who lure students with promises that they are unable to keep.

Ultimately, the students become the victims.

4. The Students then organised themselves and 164 students out of 182 formed a Student Union.

They then wrote a letter to the management expressing their unhappiness.

And what did the Management do?

They expelled the President and the Secretary of the Union.

Isn’t this Union Busting?

5. Although many students could not afford to pay the fees, the Management used this reason to zero in and expel the two student leaders.

This itself shows that, rather than resolving the issues, they have gone witch-hunting.

6. Next, some people tried to make this into a racial twist by asking Maszlee to resign. Then others said that this college is under MOHR-Ministry of Human Resource under M.Kulasegaran.

PSM is disappointed that such an issue affecting students of all races can be twisted to have a racial agenda.

Actually the biggest problem are the neo-liberal policies in making profits out of private education.

7. The Management also tried to portray a picture that PSM activist Sharan Raj was trying to use the students.

Again why would student seek PSM help if everything was OK?

8. Again and again. more and more people are really feeling disappointed with the state of affairs and are seeking PSM’s help.

We are also surprised why they have not gone to seek justice from the big political parties in the country.

PSM is overwhelmed with work but our role has always been to empower the people to fight for their rights.

If people want to call this opportunism then let it be.

9. We are careful and always conscious not to stir up racial or religious sentiments to gain support.

Every issue needs to be seen based on facts, truth and justice.

10. We are happy that all the 8 students have been released .We thank all PSM supporters, the lawyers involved as well as the brave students who stood in solidarity outside.

We hope the police would change focus in investigating the victims and do the right thing to go after those who cheated these poor students seeking an education and future.


PSM deputy chairman.

The opinion on this article belong to the writer and does not necessarily represent the view of Buletin TTKM. All those that were detained was released last night around 9.45pm. – Editor.

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