Syed Saddiq,where did the RM10mil went?

By : Buletin  TTKM Editorial.

E-sport is rising in the world market. A new form of sport and also a new business. It is all started when game developer starts their competition in regional as well as internationally.

It rose quickly when businessmen see this as an opportunity and invested a lot of money into it. Games like Dota 2, LoL, Overwatch and Pubg are currently the most famous games in the market as well as Tekken 7 and Fifa.

Not to mention there are other games with tremendous amount of players. 

Malaysia with its new government pledged to support E-sport and E-games. In October 2018, announcement of allocation for E-sport was RM10 million in the budget 2019.

It was such exciting news for the market and players. The Youth and Sports minister Syed Saddiq even mentioned to build the E-sport stadium for the purpose of boosting the market.

Time flies, year has passed. Nothing really happen. We are not sure where the money went. But we do know that the Team Malaysia withdraws from Overwatch World Cup recently.

The Team Malaysia Overwatch official account tweeted their withdrawal yesterday. The reason they gave was heartbroken. To participate in the World Cup, they need to fly to California, US and stay there for at least five days. 


They were looking for funding from various companies but it was turned down. They approached the Youth and Sports ministry but they were informed the fund will only be available after the end of the World Cup.

That means the players would have to find their own funds to fly. How sad is that – You are not allowed to follow your passion because you are poor. 

However, netizens were unhappy about this and started to make noise on twitter. Asking what happened with the RM10 mil budget allocation and could not utilize to help Team Malaysia Overwatch team.

One of the user @chapree tweeted: 

“10mil under Budget 2019.20mil under Budget 2020.Yet still cant support @malaysiaowwc to this year’s event. So, camana ni @SyedSaddiq . This was supposed to be a litmus test of inclusivity as Overwatch may not be highly visible on your or your army of advisors/officials”  – Syefri Zulkefli @Chapree


And surprisingly, the Youth and Sports minister replied: 

“Peruntukan RM60,000 ke World Cup telah pun diluluskan. Proses menyalurkan bantuan mengambil sedikit masa kerana ini kali pertama bantuan sebegini wujud. Kami komited membantu komuniti Overwatch.

RM10 juta dikongsi bersama MDEC & KBS hanya menerima peruntukan pada bulan lepas😅” – Syed Saddiq


Are you kidding? 

The announcement made in 2018 and it used up to 11 months to get the fund. How incompetent is that? 

One of users, @mister_serious replied to the tweet:

“After one whole year only now dapat peruntukan at KBS? Great efficient government. So next year’s budget we can expect after the next budget speech announcement. 👏” – Mister_serious


We are sure the ministry has other allocations in hand or any petty cash, why not just allocate some of it to the Team where they only request RM60,000. The money would not even be enough for the entire team with coach and other staff.

The funny thing is the time taken to process the money is that long. 



In the end, we just want to advise the minister do not play with people’s passion.

They love what they are doing, you do not simply make promises and then broke it.

Insider source told us that they are still people waiting for funding to participate in international tournament. – Buletin TTKM-

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