“UM, Battle is not over yet!” – Wong Yan Ke

LATEST UPDATE: ‘Officialy’ graduated.

1. I have received my certificate and academic transcript on yesterday morning. Thank you for those who supported me or stood in solidarity. Every public opinion counts. Without it, UM might still withhold my scroll.

2. A response to UM Board of Directors’ misleading statement. I was not allowed to receive my scroll even I have returned my convocation gown on Wednesday. Also, my access was denied since 14/10 in the evening after my protest on stage, while others remain unaffected.

3. Battle is not over yet. UM has not revoked police report against me. I do not care about the others who did the same to me, but not the university. University should not promote chilling effects against dissenting voices in the campus, but uphold the principle of academic freedom and freedom of expression. So, please walk the talk.

4. People try to divert the attention for this protest. They should focus on my demand and cause instead of the approach I used.

(a) Vice-chancellor who gets his salary for nearly RM80,000 per month and RM960,000 per year, does not hold accountable to any stakeholder in the campus, even he abused his power for political gain.

(b) University should promote racial harmony and national unity, defend universal values which shared by all mankind. It should not waste taxpayers’ money, organise a racist congress which propose most of the resolutions that denied non-Malays’ civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights.

(c) Vice-chancellor cannot solve the financial crisis faced by the university for years since the annual fund is cut which leads to lots of problems, such as hike in tuition fees, direct intake programme, cannot afford to renew contracts with prominent researchers, ill-maintained machinery and apparatus and etc.

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