“Is Syed Saddiq Encouraging Basikal Lajak?”

Syed Saddiq with basikal lajak's cyclist, near Dataran Merdeka, photo from Syed Saddiq's FB.

By: Concerned Youth

The basikal lajak phenomena has been around for a while now. And with the most recent case, a car accident happened in Johor involving the death of eight basikal lajak kids. However, the driver was eventually freed from any charges, as it was decided that it was not her fault.

Who should be the one to be blamed here? The parents? The children? or the driver?

We have seen police taking actions on the basikal lajak scene, but most likely, that is not going to stop them if the laws are not tightly enforced.

The matter of basikal lajak is rather believed to be running on stunts, and downhill race based on modified bicycles with brakes removed.

Rather to saying of “guiding them”, I believe we rakyats should enforce on the law on this basikal layak.

Syed Saddiq with basikal lajak’s cyclist at Dataran Merdeka, photo from Syed Saddiq’s FB.

How many more deaths of our youth before things will change? Was there research on how many of these youth would actually be interested in being our national cyclist? Honestly, this has to come to a stop.

The last time we heard the BN government is building a race track for mat rempits. So right next, is a race track for the basikal lajak community? As we all might notice, Malaysia’s economy is not in a good state. Rather, having to spend more money on something which is might probably be built for some time, then to be forgotten?

Obviously, those bicycles are illegally modified. Better yet, those unmodified road bikes do not turn their heads, so what initiative of a workshop would bring them?

Which brings in the topic, Millenials has gone through some strict learning on our laws and brings them to obey properly. Hence, we should not be going easy for the next generation, or we might end up breeding “special snowflakes” generation in the future.






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