LGE playing the race and religious card to drum non Malay and non muslim support.

By : Lukman Sherif

LGE playing the race and religious card to drum non Malay and non muslim support.

This is how time and time again LGE invokes racial siege mindset and scaremongering. Then accuse others of racism. And it works extremely well in the past.

His method is to use extreme isolated unproven examples and then blame the whole group falsely to create extreme scaremongering. It’s unfortunate a number are riled up by this propaganda unable to discern the faulty logic.

Let’s look at what he said of pakatan nasional which was supposed to be led by his own PM, Tun and comprise of his current partner bersatu and some from PKR. He accused PN of “ a new Muslim dominated Federal government that would be openly hostile to non-Muslims, the Federal Constitution, and democratic institutions.” He then lists out the following that PN might do which affect the non muslims:

  1. “opposes funding for vernacular schools with some even calling for it to be closed down,”

This is the most effective racial siege mindset narrative for non Malays particularly the Chinese whom education is a very sensitive topic. First of all who from UMNO MCA and MIC opposes this funding? If UMNO and MCA come into power they will in all probability, like in the past, support vernacular schools rather than opposing it. Those who oppose vernacular schools now may not even support PN. A number are those who support Satu sekolah untuk semua and have legitimate ground in objecting usage of public fund for private Chinese schools which LGE always budgeted for. Objecting the funding is legitimate. Clearly this is an unproven generalization to scaremonger racial sentiments.

  1. “boycott non-Muslim products and businesses.”

This is another perpetuated lie. Who actually boycotted non Muslims products? All those who support BMF did not say they boycott but instead to give preference to Muslim products. Whether they are right or wrong is a separate issue. But their action is no dissimilar to various racial business organizations which have been given preference to race for decades. Further it is unfathomable for UMNO leaders to boycot non muslim products when many of them are accused of championing Ali Baba practices by PH themselves.

  1. “bar non-Muslims from becoming Cabinet Ministers”
    This is appalling but I believe it is an exaggeration from a certain PAS leader who wants to deny only certain key positions. In any event it’s unfathomable PN led by Tun and comprise of bersatu umno mca and Mic objects having non Muslims cabinet ministers.
  2. “dispossess Indians and Chinese the right to vote”
    I’ve not even heard this before and it’s an outright lie to say that if PN comprising of Tun M, umno and mca comes to power they want to deny non Muslims votes. Even PAS recognise this and have non Muslims wings recognizing non Muslims votes. These are extreme falsehood.
  3. “show outright contempt for the religious celebrations and practices of non-Muslims; “
    The recent objection of tanglung did not emanate from any PN components. Record shows Tun umno pas mca and Mic have been celebrating non Muslims celebrations for decades.
  4. “spread vicious lies against non-Muslims that is justifiable just because they are non-Muslims.”
    This is just too generic to comment. Who said what? What are the lies?

It’s obvious that the statements are unproven and was generalize to create an extreme racial siege mindset. It’s unfathomable Tun led PN would even adopt any of it, say disposing non muslim voting rights. Yet LGE proceeded with the extreme racial propaganda. LGE is clearly playing an islamophobic card to drum the support of the non Muslims in the looming battle with PN.

The article is the opinion of the writer and does not represent the view of Buletin TTKM – Editor.


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