Penghasut Rakyat? Prepare to be whacked like any idiotic politician

Letter from a reader : Lim Sian See

Penghasut Rakyat?

Only a moron would go compare 2014 floods with now.

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Economy good in 2014. No bapak lockdown negara in 2014.

In 2014, Food prices didn’t suddenly jump after you can come out to earn a living after lockdown finished.

And for some, floods come and further add insult to injury.

Also, in year 2014, BN and Najib’s govt GAVE (not loan) RM5k to RM10k for flood victims whose house got damaged, RM48k for those who want to rebuild their house on their own land and FREE house worth RM70k to those whose house got fully damaged.

And on top of that, they gave free appliances – beds, fridge, TV, cooker etc to flood victims.

Unlike you giving RM1k per family, RM10k per death (you die only then can get RM10k is it) and offering to LOAN RM10k.

And plus, only a moron would link i-Citra with flood aid as Najib and UMNO has been asking for this i-Citra to increase from RM5k to RM10k since June 2021 when i-Citra was first introduced – long before AbahKau tumbang, before Ismail become PM and before any floods.

So why link i-Citra with floods and then come out with false arguments?

Those who need will withdraw. Those who don’t have enough balance won’t withdraw.

Govt should then focus on helping EPF rebuild the savings of those with the lowest balance.

Not call those who are asking as Penghasut Rakyat?

Okay, if you want to speak like a politician then we shall treat you like a politician.

So, prepare to be whacked like any idiotic politician.

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